Our Beginning 

Cybersitio Inc. began in 2012 when we opened our first store in Hampton Bays, NY. This store  was primarily a phone and electronics store where customers could purchase these and related items, repair screens as well as open and pay prepaid phone plans for affordable prices. 

Our goal, upon opening, was to eventually expand and have several stores. In 2015, that dream came to fruition when we opened our 2nd location in downtown Riverhead, NY. With the revitalization program in the area, the view was promising.  However, by 2018 we decided to close this location as big businesses like Best buy, Target and Walmart were too much of a competition in that particular area. 

Still, we pressed on and expanded in other ways such as camera installations and advertising for local businesses, helping customers of small businesses to create invoices, setting up P.O.S. systems for local restaurants  and technical support to locals- including local doctor's offices. 

Need for Expansion

By March of 2020, the entire world came to a standstill with the devastating effects of Covid-19. Amongst  millions of other small businesses across the Nation,  Cybercitio was one of the businesses affected, but that did not stop us. we continued to serve our local community as much as humanly possible without opening our physical doors, due to social distancing measures.  Going forward we seek to continue this online support as well as bring forth a new idea to support the local community.

Our Goal is to support local businesses and start up businesses. Here's how it works: You have a start up business and you're trying to find out where to sell your products. Amazon and Ebay may be convenient but you never really know where your stuff is coming from or who you're supporting. Consignment sales are nice but they are sporadic and require a lot of set up. Opening a store requires lots of inventory and monthly rental.  With our company you will not only have an easy online forum to sell, but you can also buy locally and know that you're supporting local families across Long Island. Maybe the stay at home mom who cant afford a babysitter but needs to make some extra money for her children. Maybe your next door neighbor who got laid off for the season but still needs to bring food to the table. Or maybe even your aspiring teen who is learning how to build a business from a young age. No matter who you buy from you can feel good about supporting them while also having a quick and easy start up to sell your own items. 

In addition to this, we would like to begin offering local, same day deliveries for essential products to those who may not want to go out in public during these scary times. 

Come partner together with us and start something NEW. Support others, while we support YOU. 

Welcome to Cybersitio Inc. A Fresh Start. A New Beginning . Get your Cyber on!